Is Air Source Heating Suitable For My Property?

Installing an air source heat pump within your property is a fairly straightforward procedure and, compared to other renewable energy-sources, it requires very little from the homeowner.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind, though. If you’re thinking about the potential of air source heating, have a quick look over the information we’ve gathered below.

You don’t need planning permission (really)

Air source heat pumps come with very few spatial requirements, so much so that they’re classed as ‘permitted development’ because they are mostly soundless and they take up a relatively small patch of land (as opposed to other renewable-energy systems).

Below, you can see a list of requirements that an air source heating system must pass in order to be deemed a permitted development:

  • The heat pump must not be placed on a pitched roof
  • The heat pump must be placed more than one metre from the edge of the property
  • The pump unit must be smaller than 0.6 square metres
  • The proposed installation site must not be located within the grounds of a listed building or a conservation area

What about property specifications?

If you’ve not already seen pictures of air source heat pumps, you might be surprised to learn that they’re installed in outside spaces. They’re small and compact, so don’t worry if you don’t have much of a garden. There’s a reason why air source technology has been so popular in urban areas: you really don’t need that much space!

Do you want to replace your current heating with air source, or just combine it?

This is the best thing about air source heating: you can either completely replace your current heating and let your new heat pump take care of all the heating of your home, or you can use it alongside a range of other sources, whether you have radiators, a boiler, or even underfloor heating.

It’s incredibly adaptable.

What kind of property do you have?

As you might be able to tell, air source heating is a flexible and accommodating option. As long as you have sufficient outside space, you’re good to go. Enter your postcode into our eligibility checker for more information!

If you’re in a new-build, or your property has been recently renovated, you’re in a prime position for an air source installation. The majority of new-builds are fitted with efficient energy standards, so you’ll truly maximise your environmental potential with an air source heat pump. It doesn’t matter if your property isn’t a new-build, though!

How much could you earn from an air source heat pump?

If your air source heat pump is installed by an MCS-accredited installer (like us), your property will qualify for quarterly payments through the government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive. Use our RHI calculator to get an approximate idea of what you could earn!

If it’s not installed by an accredited team, your system won’t stand up to the required measures that the MCS (Microgeneration Specification Scheme) has outlined. The system probably won’t have been installed to industry-standard quality, either.

Minimal requirements needed – get in touch

Air source heating asks very little of you. All it needs is an annual service and a manual clean every now and then, so you don’t have to worry about much at all.

Give us a call and we can run you through your options – we’re on 0333 733 1703. We also have a really quick enquiry form.

Oct 29 2018