5 Must-Know Facts About Air Source Heat Pumps

Of all the renewable energy sources, air source heating is the new kid on the block. It’s far cheaper to run than the majority of traditional (fossil-fuel) heating sources put together, and it can either replace your whole existing heating system or work alongside it. It’s truly versatile technology.

It’s not that well-known yet, but we’re going to change that. We’re here to spread awareness about the life-changing benefits of air source heating, which is why we’ve collected five facts that you absolutely need to know about this exciting new technology. Here they are:

#1 They need very little maintenance (honestly)

Aside from the odd clean every few months (looking out for debris like leaves), all you need to do is have your air source heat pump serviced once a year. Give us a call to arrange!

Once your heat pump is set up, it’ll get to work automatically. It has very few moving parts, so there’s little chance of you breaking anything. There’ll be no annoying fiddly bits.

#2 The first heat pump came in the 1940s

The first heat pump (or, the closest thing we have to the technology) was invented back in the late 1940s by the inventor Robert C. Webber. When fiddling around with his deep freezer, he burned his hand on the outlet pipe of the cooling system. This got him thinking: “Could I possibly reverse these mechanics?”

Turns out he could.

Webber connected the outlet piping from the freezer to a water-heater, so that the freezer started to generate excess heat. He then hooked up the heated water to a piping loop, and used a small fan to propel warm air throughout the building.

And, as they say, the rest is history! Cheers, Robert.

#3 Air source heat pumps are incredibly popular across Europe and the US

Even in colder regions across Scandinavia, air source heating is considered more of a standard option than it is in the UK, where we’re only just catching on. Give it a year or two, we reckon…

#4 You get more precision than traditional heating

This means that, because you get to choose from a selection of devices (like thermostats and timers), you have far more control over how warm you want your property and exactly when you want that warmth to spread through the property. For those cold winter nights, you can time your heating to kick in as soon as you arrive from work. Perfect!

#5 Air source heat pumps can work alongside many other heat sources

That’s right: they’ll even work with underfloor heating. They’re one of the most versatile renewable energy sources you’re likely to find, and although you’re better off replacing your whole existing home-heating system with air source, it can be configured to work with existing sources if necessary.

Let us help

The air source heating community is growing, as more and more homeowners open their eyes to its numerous benefits. If you want to learn more about how it could benefit you, we’re here to help.

Give us a call on 0333 733 1703 and we’d love to talk through your options. You can also reach us on our website, with our quick and painless enquiry form!

Oct 12 2018